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Real-Time Rating and Billing for Utilities

In today’s constantly changing market, utility providers need a flexible and easy-to-use billing solution that can manage all the data from smart meters, incentivize customers in real-time and minimize customer complaints, all while improving cash flow.

Redknee is at the forefront of today’s smart-meter billing revolution.  Our carrier-grade Redknee Utility Suite provides dynamic rating and billing for electricity, water, gas, and even energy creation. It enables energy providers to remotely connect and disconnect smart meters and manage load reduction and balance control. Subscribers can use their smartphones or other mobile devices to gain a real-time view of their consumption patterns and utility bills.  We also provide eMobility payment solutions for electric vehicle charging stations.

Dynamic Tariffs and Rate Plans

Redknee’s Utility Suite enables providers to both manage demand and attract customers by offering tiered rate plans based on time of day, resource availability or other dynamic parameters. This customer-centric approach allows households to have more control over their day-to-day energy consumption while managing their budget and conserving valuable resources.

Prepaid Energy Consumption

Redknee’s prepaid energy charging solution allows utility providers to offer a new payment model to their customers; one that allows for maximum flexibility while controlling financial risk.  Our centralized software suite can significantly lower costs for utility companies by reducing billing complaints and eliminating collection costs of unpaid energy bills, while also removing the need to support prepaid tokens for electric vehicle charging stations.

Redknee’s Utility Suite

Redknee has always been at the forefront of billing innovation. Look to Redknee’s Utility Suite to accurately and flexibly mange all your energy billing requirements: 

  • Centralized Tariff Management and Tariff Deployment
  • Customer Self-care with user friendly Mobile App or simplified interaction via SMS 
  • Energy Usage Control
  • Automated Connect and Disconnect
  • Real-time, Dynamic Rating 
  • Online and Unified Billing
  • eMobility Payment Solutions

For more information, download the Redknee Utility Suite product bulletin or schedule a demo with one of our specialists.

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