charge@once unified

Stand out from your competition by enhancing the customer experience in bringing real-time capabilities to the postpaid world.

Redknee’s charge@once unified meets the specific needs of today’s Tier 1 service providers to deliver real-time, unified charging, rating and billing capabilities quickly and cost-effectively in order to generate new revenue streams, increase profitability and ultimately enhance the customer experience.

Redknee’s comprehensive product extends beyond a traditional Online Charging Server by offering rating and charging of content, such as video downloads; calls and broadband access; and data services such as SMS and instant messaging, independent of the payment method.

charge@once unified is a highly scalable and flexible customer-centric solution, enabling Tier 1 service providers to build competitive advantage and reduce costs through its open interfaces which provide smooth integration into any existing BSS infrastructure and simplified workflows.

Redknee’s charge@once unified empowers Tier 1 service providers with:

  • Improved customer experience: through personalized offers, differentiated cost control, real-time notifications, customer self-care, and instant activation of selected tariff options
  • Faster time to revenue: through a broad variety of pre-packaged and pre-tested software templates and tools to customize and accelerate service provisioning
  • Improved operational efficiency: with one modular system for all payment types providing simplified workflows and straightforward integration (CRM/ERP, policy control)


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